My SPX debuts are available for download!

I’ve set up a Gumroad page where you can download my original comics, paper dolls, and zines. Zines are still free, of course; the dolls and comics are $2 apiece.

I Fought the Law is a story about a bioengineered teenager who discovers punk rock, and finds that it’s just as good a form of rebellion 700 years from now as it ever was before.

Out of the Ice is an SF take on Sleeping Beauty with all the things a classic fairy tale really needs, like cryogenics, queer characters, and space aliens. Art by Jason Tseng (who did an AMAZING job) and written by me.

My Cosplay Paper Dolls feature eleven different outfits, one ready-to-use doll, and an extra blank doll you can customize! Print on cardstock or magnetic paper and they’ll be ready to play with.

DRM-free downloads are $2 each for both comics and the paper dolls, though if you really like them you are welcome to throw a few extra bucks my way. If you make a custom paper doll, btw? I REALLY want to see it.

Here’s the Gumroad page. I was so, so pleased with the reception these books got at SPX, and I really hope that you guys like them too!


Here are some things you can purchase if you are attending Small Press Expo 2014!

At our table, you will find: original YA science fiction, the many awesome ladies of SF, vintage photos with snarky commentary, SO MANY ZINES, and more! Come and see! 

why ‘tesseract,’ and and why YA

You might be wondering why I chose the name ‘Tesseract Comics,’ and why I’m choosing to focus specifically on YA speculative fiction. (It’s cool if you’re not wondering. I’m still gonna tell you.)

The name and slogan are, of course, referencing ‘A Wrinkle in Time,’ which is a book that straddles the science fiction and fantasy genres in really interesting ways, and a book that was a huge formative influence on me. Meg Murry got me through some hard times as a kid, and I know I’m not the only one for whom that’s true.

Mostly, I chose this name and this focus because I want to showcase comics that speak to kids and teens the way ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ spoke to me as a kid— comics that are weird and wonderful and lovely, comics with characters that readers can hold in their hearts when their lives aren’t easy. And a tesseract, a wrinkle in time, is something that takes you somewhere strange and new in an eyeblink, somewhere you’ve never been, somewhere you might become a different person before you return. The best stories are all tesseracts.

I love YA as a genre; I love speculative fiction as a genre; I love comics as a medium. I think it’s possible to do some incredibly interesting and important work at the corner where YA and SF/F and comics intersect. I am hoping to be able to feature comics that tell inventive, thought-provoking stories, that feature diverse characters and circumstances, and that are visually and emotionally compelling. I know that’s a tall order, but I’ve never seen anything wrong with shooting for the moon.

Right now, there are people making the kinds of comics I’m talking about who are looking for an audience. My plan is to help them find that audience, however I can. Small Press Expo will be the first show I exhibit at as Tesseract Comics, but I’m hoping there will be many more, and that the comics people share with me find the readers who need them.

If you think you have a comic that might be a good fit for what I’m trying to do, or that there’s one you’d like to make, please get in touch. I’m also very interested in linking up artists looking for scripts to draw with writers who need help making their scripts come to life, so let me know if you’re on either side of that equation. I’m really excited about this project, and I’m hoping some awesome comics result from it.

how we work

If you’re not familiar with zine distros, you might be wondering what, exactly, I’m trying to do. So here’s a rundown:

Basically, you get printed copies of your comics to me, either by mailing me a box-full, or by calling up my local print shop (I have a guy I’ve been working with, and he’s pretty friendly and reasonably priced). I take your comics with me to an event I’m tabling at. I sell your comics. I send the money they earn to you.

Zine distros often do mail order as well, but I think I’m going to forgo that for now, as it’s a lot of extra work and cost.

If you’re wondering what’s in it for me, since I’m not keeping the money your comics earn, that is reasonable. Basically, I would like there to be more  SF/F YA comics in the world, and for more people to read them. I also don’t have enough completed comics under my belt to fill out a table myself. (I also would not be averse to you kicking in from your proceeds to cover a bit of my table fee, but that’s entirely optional.)

Sound reasonable?

what we do

Hey! Tesseract Comics is the imprint under which I (known by day as nonasuch) write and distribute original, SF/F YA comics. I’ll be tabling at Small Press Expo this year with four comics of my own, and hopefully with a bunch of comics made by other cool people. If you’ve got a standalone, original SF/F comic that’s suitable for a YA audience, get in touch! I might just have room for you.

More info on the comics I’m writing for SPX will be available shortly, along with details on the other folks whose work I’m excited to showcase.